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Preparing for the 2024 Texas Pet Sitters Conference

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It’s time to get the suitcases out of storage and finish up last-minute laundry. We are exactly four day from the start of the Texas Pet Sitters Conference. Our leadership team, Cathy, Deanna and Jessica, is busy wrapping up last minute details and ensuring that every minute of the 2024 conference is the best it can be. Our 9th annual conference, this year’s agenda is packed with informative and educational presentations, networking, and more. As we inch closer, we’re talking about what to expect and what to pack for the upcoming weekend in today’s blog: Preparing for the 2024 Texas Pet Sitters Conference.

Preparing for the 2024 Texas Pet Sitters Conference: What to Expect

This year’s conference is going to be held at the same hotel and event venue as it was last year, therefore, 2023’s attendees are already ahead of the game. We will have a similar event schedule, meeting room set-up, and lots of repeat attendees. That said, we have a number of first-time attendees – some who have never attended any pet sitters conferences before. For them, we’ve compiled the following list of what to expect from the 2024 Texas Pet Sitters Conference.

texas pet sitters conference
  • Expect to learn a lot! You may be overwhelmed by all the information you receive. Don’t fret – take notes and jot down questions as you go. Most speakers will allow time for questions at the end of their presentations. If a question comes up later, you can also engage our speakers and other attendees in our Facebook group. All attendees get access to the group here.
  • Expect to meet a lot of people! The conference allows a great deal of time to interact with others in the industry. Last year, we had attendees from Texas, Florida, Ohio, Georgia, Massachusetts, Arizona, California, Virginia, Connecticut, Washington, New York, Michigan, Minnesota, Arkansas, South Dakota, South Carolina, Missouri, and Louisiana. What’s great about meeting pet sitters from around the country is that we all learn from each other when we discuss the similarities and differences in our markets.
  • Expect to make genuine friendships! While you may not get to know all 100+ attendees over the weekend, you are sure to connect with many fellow pet sitters. Many lasting friendships are forged in these conference settings, therefore we hope you keep in touch with those you enjoyed long after the weekend is over.
  • Expect to follow up! It is said that the fortune is made in the follow-up and the Texas Pet Sitters Conference is no exception. Whether you’re following up with fellow attendees, our amazing sponsors and vendors, or the members of our Facebook group, the conference doesn’t end when we all say goodbye. The learning and exchange of ideas, business referrals, etc. continue long after we’ve all gone home.
  • Expect to make some changes! One of the best things about the Texas Pet Sitters Conference, our speakers, sponsors, and vendors, is that they share invaluable insights that will improve your business, make you more profitable, and give you more confidence to optimize your operation. While you may not implement all the recommendations you hear, we would be very surprised if you didn’t head back to your business with ideas on how to improve your workflow, your business culture, your service standards, and more.
  • Expect to be exhausted at the end! We all leave the conference with our heads spinning, lots of great ideas, and a motivation to do more for our businesses. We encourage you to take a little break from all things conference when you get home. Then, maybe pick up your notes and learning materials a week or two after your return so that you can refresh your memory and strategize after you’ve rested.

Preparing for the 2024 Texas Pet Sitters Conference: What to Pack

As professional pet sitters, most of us spend a great deal of time in jeans, active wear, and casual attire. The Texas Pet Sitters Conference welcomes everyone in comfortable, casual attire. But, we have the following tips to ensure you have all you need for the weekend.

texas pet sitters conference
  • Pack layers. While the venue does a great job of keeping us comfortable and adjusting temperatures if they become uncomfortable, everyone’s idea of pleasant room temperatures is different. Consider layering t-shirts, a sweatshirt, a jacket and some comfy pants to ensure you’ll be at ease no matter how the day turns out. At this time, it looks like we’ll have partly cloudy days with highs in the mid-60s. But, temps can change, especially in Dallas, therefore plan for late winter/early spring weather.
  • Wear comfy shoes. While you may spend most of the day sitting down, wearing comfy shoes will ensure that you are ready for long conference days and after-conference events. Our venue has a beautiful outdoor space that can be explored therefore comfy shoes like sneakers, loafers, etc. are a great way to stretch your legs during breaks.
  • Plan for smooth transitions. We will transition from Friday’s conference events to Happy Hour quite quickly because the venues are located next to each other. We therefore encourage you to choose shoes and bring jackets that will seamlessly take you through the day and into the evenings’ social settings.
  • Wear your flair. If you have business t-shirts, sweatshirts, pins, etc. this is a great time to show them off. Many of our attendees wear their company logo apparel both because it’s functional but also because it’s fun to represent. That said, don’t worry if you don’t have logo apparel. They are not a requirement.
  • Bring your necessities. The meeting area is stunning with lots of light and beautiful finishes. In addition to pretty views, large windows, excellent stage visibility, and quality audio set-up, attendees have access to a large bathroom – one for men and another for women – not far from the main conference area. The venue provides all we need for the event. The venue will not, however, provide feminine products and specialty toiletries like contact solution, chap stick, and medications therefore don’t forget to pack anything you might need to avoid having to miss sessions for a Target run.
  • Choose your supplies wisely. Lastly, our welcome bags provide many items you may need to take notes during the conference but don’t forget to bring your computer, special notebooks, iPads or whatever you like to use to jot down post-conference reminders, participate in workshops, and take notes.

Preparing for the 2024 Texas Pet Sitters Conference: What NOT to Pack

Of course, you already know these “items” aren’t going to serve you while at the Texas Pet Sitters Conference but here’s a reminder to leave the following at home.

texas pet sitters conference
  • Fear: We want to be sure that everyone feels welcome and included at the Texas Pet Sitters Conference. While we recognize that it’s often unnerving to be a new person in a group of old friends, know that we were all new to the group at one point and that we’re very much looking forward to getting to know you. There is no need to be afraid!
  • Inadequacy: No matter how long you’ve been in the pet sitting industry, it’s common to feel intimidated at industry events. At the Texas Pet Sitters Conference, we have solo pet sitters, team-building sitters, industry-leading sitters, and more. No matter where you fall, you are a valued member of our association, conference, and industry.
  • Competition: One of the things that veteran pet sitters agree on is that we are not competitors in conference settings. Quite the contrary, the Texas Pet Sitters Association and Conference were established to elevate the industry, provide support, and create a community in which we are all valuable and respected. Together, we are stronger. As competitors, we miss out on worthwhile connections. We are colleagues, not competitors!
texas pet sitters conference

As you prepare for this upcoming weekend, remember that you still have time to make plans and ask questions in our Facebook group. You can also access speaker schedules, learn about our sponsors and vendors, and review hotel information. Finally, you still have time to sign up for Pet First Aid & CPR training with Beth Bowers on Friday before the conference begins. To register for Pet First Aid & CPR, scroll down to the bottom of this link.

We cannot wait to see you later at the 2024 Texas Pet Sitters Conference and look forward to connecting with you over our mutual love of pets, outstanding service, and cowboy boots! (Okay, okay, those are optional but it is Texas!)

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