Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Pet Sitter & Dog Walker

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The holidays are here! It’s a mad dash to get the tasks done and keep the spirits bright. As if gift-wrapping, budgeting, planning gatherings, and traveling weren’t enough, the holidays test our gift-giving prowess. What should we get the kid’s teacher and daycare providers? How about the ladies at the gym, the guys at the office, and the neighbors? Don’t fret! Today, we’re sharing holiday gift ideas for your favorite pet sitter and dog walker. The list works for your landscaper, cleaning crew, and more. If they provide a service to you and your family during the year, this list will help you say “Thank You” and “Happy Holidays” with minimal stress.

Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Pet Sitter & Dog Walker: Monetary Gifts

Let’s start by getting the most obvious gift out of the way – gratuity. Many pet parents give one lump gratuity during the holidays instead of tipping on a monthly or per-appointment basis.

Gratuity is greatly appreciated. A 15-20% gratuity is customary but never expected. Professional pet sitting has lower profit margins than most other industries; a little bonus during the holidays is a very welcome surprise. Don’t worry about your gift being “too little” or “too much.” Every bit helps!

Whatever you wish to give, place the cash in an envelope to ensure your pets don’t have a field day with your Andrew Jacksons. In addition, take the time to write a note to your pet care provider. Tell them how they’ve improved your day-to-day throughout the year. As professional pet sitters, we get a lot of positive feedback from the pets in our care – tail wags, purring, kisses, happy whining when we walk in the door, etc. It’s also wonderful to hear that we’re helping your family.

Finally, write your sitters’ names (or company name) on the outside of the envelope. That way, they know it’s for them to take. Most professionals won’t grab anything from your home unless we know it’s for us, even if it’s somewhere that we suspect may make it ours.

Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Pet Sitter & Dog Walker: Gift Cards

One of the easiest ways to spoil a service provider is to give them a gift card to a restaurant, a movie, a nail salon, etc. The sky’s the limit when it comes to gift cards.

Professional pet sitters drive A LOT. A gift card to help with gas expenses, treat ourselves to a warm cup of coffee, or grab a drive-through lunch is a great idea. Audible and Amazon gift cards also make great gifts because we can use them to continue our professional education with audiobooks and, when we’re not driving, books.

Pet sitters and dog walkers also spend lots of time outdoors. Gift cards to retail shops that sell outerwear are a great idea. Big box retailers like Target and Walmart are in most areas and allow the recipient to spend the gift in a way that will most benefit them, their family, and their pets, including buying groceries.

Speaking of pets, gift cards to PetSmart, PetCo, and local pet supply stores are also a fantastic match. These gift cards allow us to browse and familiarize ourselves with new and exciting pet products. They keep us abreast of developments in our industry and help us spoil our pets in the process.

When buying gift cards, keep them geographically desirable. Choose restaurants and retailers in your vicinity since your pet sitter is already nearby. If you choose a national chain that doesn’t have locations near you, it’ll be much more difficult for your pet sitter to enjoy their gift unless they have an online shop.

Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Pet Sitter & Dog Walker: Pet-Themed Gifts

Professional pet sitters and dog walkers love pets. Shocker, right?! For this reason, a pet-themed gift is always a good idea. From t-shirts to reusable water bottles and paw-printed baseball caps, retailers are replete with pet-related items to brighten your pet sitter’s holiday and beyond.

Also, if you know your pet sitter is involved in rescue, consider donating to their favorite organization. Or, find an organization you are passionate about and donate on your sitter’s behalf. You may be surprised to learn how many professional pet sitters volunteer their time and talents to support local rescues and shelters. When in doubt, ask them what organizations they follow and make their holidays bright with a wish list purchase, a donation, or cool merch for your sitter.

Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Pet Sitter & Dog Walker: Gratitude

Those of us who have dedicated our life’s work to brightening the days of companion animals do this because it’s our vocation and calling. As we said above, no matter what you choose to give your pet sitter or dog walker as a gift, let them know how grateful you are to have them on your pet’s care team. The validation we get from your kind words and loyalty fuels our devotion to our clients, our industry, and, of course, the pets in our care.

We thank you for your desire to show your appreciation and support for your professional pet sitters and dog walkers. Our organization works to elevate our industry and give pet lovers the tools to be extraordinary pet care providers. Your support of our members keeps our organization growing and improving.

Please visit our member directory to learn more about Texas Pet Sitters Association Membership and find a professional pet sitter or dog walker near you. Contact us via our online form or email to learn more about our organization and the 2024 Pet Sitters Conference near Dallas, TX.

We wish you and yours a joyous holiday season and look forward to a fantastic 2024!

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