Austin Weber 

Austin Weber

Speaker Bio

Austin has been taking care of aquariums on a large scale in both small and big box retail since 2013. He currently cares for aquariums at a retail store as well as 5 years of caring for aquariums in homes and businesses including both freshwater and saltwater aquariums on a regular basis.  Everything from vacation care to installing people’s dream aquariums.  Every two weeks Austin cares for approximately 4,400 gallons of aquariums between The Aquarium Keepers and retail aquarium systems.  Austin is the co-owner of  a few small businesses with his wife Morgan including The Aquarium Keepers, Lucky Pup Adventures, and Memory Flame Candle Co.


Topic: From Fintastic to Something’s Fishy: Aquarium Care & Warning Signs for Pet Sitters

Saturday, February 24th 2024 – 4:00pm – 5:00pm

We will be covering aquarium equipment and how it can fail in the short term while under your care.  Everything from how to make minor fixes, what items would be best to refer to a fish expert, and how to manage power outages/rolling blackouts.